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SElf-tape pricing:*

30min - $30
45min - $40
60min - $50


What to expect

PIVOT provides a professionally lit, intimate studio space with high-quality camera and sound equipment for your unique video; which our team will promptly edit and deliver.


Upon arrival, we will help settle you into the intimate and professional environment. The time starts once the reading starts. We are committed to helping you shine in your tapes!

The details

PIVOT offers:

- an experienced reader and camera operator.

- the choice of backgrounds: gray, blue, black or white

- our editors edit and compress your files which can be        transferred via DropBox, GoogleDrive or WeTransfer 

*Introductory rates: Please take advantage of our introductory rates. Come summer 2019, prices are subject to change due to availability and demand. PIVOT is dedicated to serving the people of our community and will always keep them in mind by staying affordable as possible. 

Why A Professional Self-Tape?

Whether you are a business professional wanting to film some talking points for your site, a college student seeking to capture your vibrant personality for your college submission or an actor needing to get your audition on camera - you should not have to deal with the stress over creating a home video, fighting poor lighting and/or hunting down a friend to read a script with you!

Create Your Own Opportunities 

Let’s face it, markets move fast! If you feel like you’re not up to speed, then why wait on the “them” to call? Take your business into your own hands and film new content for your site to showcase your talent and personality!


PIVOT can help you create a polished video to keep your profiles fresh and up-to-date to show your agents, managers, clientele, audience your progress as well as your initiative!

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